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March 21, 2013
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I watched my husband storm around our bedroom from my perch on the end of our queen mattress. He violently pulls open drawers and rifles through them. When he cant find what he's looking for, he cusses under his breath and moves on to the next place the item could possibly be. You may be asking what exactly was so important that brought him into such a tizzy.

It was the skull pin that rest at the hallow of his throat, keeping the collar of his dress shirt together in place of a tie. His black hair with the three horizontal white strips on the left was messy and stuck out in all directions from constantly running his slim, long fingers through it in frustration. Golden yellow eyes that could see through your soul darted around quickly, with impatience.

I'm quite surprised that he has freaked out for making our room a complete mess. Clothes were thrown everywhere, drawers half open and things thrown back into their place. He must be really frantic and deep in though if his symmetry OCD isn't kicking in at all.

What he didn't know was that his pin was in the pocket of my jeans at the moment. I giggle behind the back of my hand. I was enjoying watching him in his frantic searching. His shirt pulled taunt when he threw open the closet doors, showing the muscles as they ripple under his skin. Slacks hanging low on his narrow hips. I lean back on my hands and another giggle escapes me as he ditches the closet. He walks by me and I take the chance to kick him lightly in the butt. This makes him jump and whip around to face me. I giggle again. He sighs.

"Please Stacy, not now. I can't find my pin and I'm late for a meeting with my father." He turns back around but before he can walk away I give him another kick. He faces me again. I smile lovingly at him and pull the pin out of my pocket, holding it in my palm for him to see. His eyes widen and be reaches out to grab it, but I pull it away before he can. He gives me a look and try's again but I do the same thing.

"Come on Stacy, I don't have time for this." He groans. I smirk at him, pulling the item behind my back. I wiggle my eyebrows in a suggestive, come-and-get-it way.

He stares at me for a few seconds. A smiles lights up his face and he launches himself at me. I squeal and scoot my self farther on to the bed to escape. I'm barely able to shove the desired pin into a pocket before he grabs onto one of my ankles and gives it a sharp tug. Effectively pulling me back towards him and my arms out from underneath me, landing me on my back.

He crawls on top of me, and tries to pin my arms down with his hands but I manage to get both knees against his chest; putting space between us. A growl come out of his throat and he releases my arms. I push on his shoulders to get farther away but he doesn't budge. Instead he grabs my knees and forcibly pulls them apart so he is now in between them, rendering them useless. He focuses back on my arms, his big hands circling my wrists and forcing them above my head. A shit-eating grin fills his face.

"So, love. What do u say to giving me my pin back?" He asks teasingly.

I bite my lip, shaking my head no. "Never."

Some how his grin gets bigger and his head ducks forward. He nuzzles my cheek, tilting my head to the left. His lips latch onto the soft flesh of my neck, trailing wet kisses down it. I squirm when he brushes over the place where my shoulder and neck meet. He chuckles, his breath fanning over my skin and making me shiver. He bites down on the crook my neck hard. A moan slips past my lips and the corners of my lips tilt upwards. He licks the spot he just attacked, lessening the sting a bit. Pulling back, he looks down at me. My cheeks rosy and lips parted; eyes glazed over.

"Can I have my pin back now?" He voice was low and rough, sending a chill up my spine.

"N-no" I whispered, eyes gazing up into his vibrant ones.

His head dives forward towards the other side, burying his head between my neck and shoulder. Jaw parted wide, he clamps down hard on the crook of my neck. A small cry leaves my lips as his teeth dig in. My fingers find the sheets under them and grip them tight in my fists. His hands released my wrists, skimming down my arms. One caresses all the way down to my hip, enclosing it with his palm. His forearm of his other arm slides under my back, pulling me flush up against him.

I moan deeply, squirming underneath him. The hand that rests on my hip snakes across my butt and down to the back of my knee, jerking it up. The other follows suit, hooking around the back of his leg. His hips grind into mine slowly and he pulls back from my shoulder.

Teeth part from the flesh and leave behind red punctures. His tongue rasps a couple times over the indents in soothing motions. Fingers skips to the edge of my jeans, creep around the side and hook into my back pocket; receding after a few seconds. He places a couple light, loving kisses on my neck before pulling back and showing me his hand. In between his thumb and index finder was the skull pin he had been looking for, the one I had 'stolen'.

He chuckles and gets off of me to go back to getting ready. I lay there breathing heavy with my eyes closed. The feel of his teeth pressing into my skin was still there and it was giving me a tingling feeling. Slowly I shift to a sitting position in the middle of the bed, peaking my eyes open. I watch in silence as he continues to get ready, straightening the room as he goes about.

He walks back to the vanity mirror that sits on the left side of the bathroom door, and gives himself a once over. Smoothing a few strands of flyaway hair and straightening his traditional back blazer and crisp white shirt underneath. Once happy with his look, he takes the skull pin and clips it to the collar of his shirt, leaving it to lay at the base of his throat.

Turning towards me, he gives me a small smile, crossing his arms low over his chest.  He jerks his head to the side, gesturing me over. I crawl across the bed, flip my legs over the edge and take a few steps before stopping in front of him. Since I was a good head and shoulders, and possibly a few more inches, shorter then him I was forced to tilt my head back to meet his gaze. I raise an eye brow at him. He chuckles under his breath and cups my cheek with a hand.

“Oh, how you make my days better.” He dips his head once again and his lips meet mine in a passion filled kiss. I raise up onto my toes and give back equal want. My fingertips rest on his firm stomach and his other hand comes up to lay on my other cheek. A sigh of pleasure leaks out of me. Gently he pulls away, a tender look in his eyes.

“Do you have to go?” I question softly. He nods.

“My father wishes to talk to me about something important. I have to go-” he quickly continues on, seeing my face become crestfallen. “But I will be back as soon as I can. Promise.” This time I nod. He gives my hand a squeeze then makes his way to the door. When his hand grasps the handle, I speak up.

“I'll wait for you for as long as I have to.” He looks back over his shoulder at me, bright golden eyes twinkling. His shadow twitches and crawls up him, turning into his reaper cloak. Pulsing a few times, eight to be exact, then he vanishes with out a trace. I smile at his flashy exit and sit down on the edge of the bed.

Oh yes, I would wait. For as long as I had to. And boy, was he gonna be shocked when he comes back.
Sooo..... how did you like it? Just what does she have planned for Kid when he comes home? What do you say to a part 2? Aka a lemon! :iconwooooplz:

Enjoy to your hearts content you prevs! BTW: the picture is of the head jerking gesture he gives you. ^.^

Stacy is my OC, so don't take her please! >.<

Edit: and does anyone ever read this?

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